Learning for Life and Work

Entry Level, Level 1

Here at Gateway College in the Learning for Life and Work faculty we offer courses at Entry Level and Level 1.

Entry Requirements

These courses are suitable for students who may have struggled at school for different reasons and are not yet ready for Level 2 or employment. They offer the chance to try out different vocational subjects and a Supported Internship Programme whilst at the same time developing English and Maths skills.

Course Overview

We know it is also important to develop the right attitude and skills for progression to further study and work and to assist in this, a range of enrichments are provided. Students will be allocated a Personal Tutor to support them in their transition from school to College who will be able to help set targets and provide motivation.

Student Support

We offer the following support to students:

• 1 to 1 in class support
• Shared in class support
• 1 to 1 out of class support
• Specific learning difference e.g. Dyslexia
• Physical disability
• Specialist ICT equipment
• Literacy and Numeracy workshops to improve standard of work
• Personal care
• Special exam arrangements
• Specialist software/ specialist ICT equipment
• Visual impairment
• Hearing impairment
• Study skills/time management
• Counselling

Local Offer

‘The Local Offer’ allows potential students to see what each college offers. It was developed as a result of the Children’s and Families Act (2014) and the new Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) reforms. As part of these reforms, the SEN Code of Practice asked Local Authorities to develop a central point of information for young people with SEND and their families to access.

Gateway Sixth Form College is committed to providing and developing programmes of study for all students. The College works closely with Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council to deliver a high quality and broad range of provision.

For more general information about the Local Offer, please see:

A short animation sharing what the Local offer is:

Family Information | What is the Local Offer? (leicester.gov.uk)

A link to the Local Offer website:

Family Information | SEND Local Offer (leicester.gov.uk)

Further Information

For more information about the Learning for Life and Work faculty ring 0116 274 4500 or go to www.gateway.ac.uk