Special Arrangements

Students may require the following arrangements, amongst others, for their exams:

  • Extra Time
  • Reader
  • Use of a Laptop
  • Coloured Overlay
  • Large print exam paper
  • Seperate room

If you have not yet been assessed and think you may need special arrangements for your exams, please contact the Exams Office. Please be aware that we have to work to strict Exam Board deadlines when submitting special arrangement requests. If you have an appointment for an assessment you must attend, otherwise you will not be given the special arrangements that you may be entitled to.

Special Arrangements in Examinations

If you have already been granted Special Arrangements for your exams you will receive a notice on your exam timetable advising you to go to room C102a at either 9.00a.m. or 1.00p.m., where you will be met by your invigilator.

What is Special Consideration?

Candidates who are unwell or suffer a personal misfortune at the time of an examination may be eligible for special consideration. Please contact the Exams Office on the day of your exam for further information. If you are unable to do this you must contact us within 5 days of the exam.