Post-Mortem Live At Gateway College

Gateway Sixth Form College proudly hosted The Post-Mortem Live event on Sunday 19th February 2023.  The event is the UK’s only live human body dissection experience, offering a front row seat into the fascinating world of anatomy, physiology and pathology and was featured on the TV series, Dragons Den.

The interactive show invited audience members to get up-close and personal with real anatomical specimens in the anatomy suite to undertake the dissection of real (animal) organs to help determine the cause of death.  The spectacle was led by award winning anatomist Samuel Piri, and his clinical team who observed, dissected and recorded their findings to unmask what happened to the deceased in the final hours, minutes, and seconds prior to the onset of clinical death.

Over 500 members of the public, as well as current and prospective students from Gateway College attended the event. As the post-mortem unfolded on the semi-synthetic cadaver, the audience were guided through the anatomy and physiology around each organ.  T Level Health and A Level/BTEC Science students found this immersive experience particularly relevant to their courses.

The College looks forward to hosting the event again in 2024.  For more information and photos follow us on social media!