Health and Social Care BTEC Level 3

Level 3

This course is for students interested in learning about factors that affect human development from birth through to old age.

Course Duration

2 years, This is a new course on offer from September 2017

First year

Equivalent in size to 1.5 A Levels.

6 units of which 4 are mandatory and 2 are external.

This qualification is designed as a one-year, full-time course. It is a coherent study of the health and social care sector and supports progression to an Apprenticeship in the sector or to a further year of study at Level 3. If taken as part of a programme of study that includes other BTEC Nationals or A Levels it supports progression to higher education.

Second year

Equivalent in size to three A Levels.

13 units of which 8 are Mandatory and 4 are external. 

This qualification has been designed to be the only qualification in a two-year, full-time study programme; it is an in-depth study of the health and social care sector. It supports progression to health and social care related degrees.

Standard Entry Requirements

Assessment of Foundation Diploma: 1st year

Units studied –


  • Unit 1 Human Lifespan external assessment
  • Unit 2 Working in health and social care internal assessment
  • Unit 5 Meeting individual needs external assessment
  • Unit 7 Principals of safe practice Internal assessment
  • Unit 10 Sociological perspectives Internal assessment
  • Unit 11 Psychological perspectives Internal assessment

Assessment of Extended Diploma: 2nd year

Units studied –


  • Unit 3 Anatomy and Physiology external assessment
  • Unit 4 enquiries into current research external assessment
  • Unit 6 work experience in health care setting internal assessment
  • Unit 8 Promoting Public Health internal assessment
  • Unit 9 Infection control internal assessment
  • Unit 12 Supporting individual needs internal assessment

Course Overview

This course is for students interested in learning about factors that affect human development from birth through to old age. It aims to develop students’ understanding of psychological and sociological explanations of behaviour as well as theories about effective communication. Students will learn how to use these theories and concepts in health, social care or early years’ settings and learn the laws and actions necessary to promote equality, rights and safety in the workplace.

Career Progression

Health and Social Care courses give a good foundation for working with vulnerable people. Students may progress on to Nursing, Midwifery, Counselling and job roles in the NHS, Health Promotion, Teaching and Educational Support work, Social Work, Probation and Police, Youth and Community Work, Nursery Nursing, Child Care Management and and Public Health Work.

Further Information

You are encouraged to self-place and seek work experience alongside your studies to enhance your learning experience.