Essential Information

  • Behaviour: you should have respect for other people’s feelings and viewpoints, for their property, and for the College environment.
  • Attendance and punctuality: to fulfil the terms of your Learning Agreement you must be at your lessons on time, and attend unless genuinely ill.
  • Work: to be successful you need to work consistently hard towards your learning goals by completing all assignments and tasks by agreed deadlines.
  • The whole of the Gateway College campus is a non-smoking area.
  • Mobile phones may not be used inside College buildings.

Disability Statement

Gateway College is positively committed to ensure that people with disabilities, including those with learning difficulties, are supported in accessing opportunities for learning at the College. If you have a disability please ensure that we know what you need so that we can make all reasonable adjustments to help you succeed. We aim to give disabled people a fair deal in College.

Concerns, Complaints and Compliments

There is a formal procedure for those students who wish to comment on some aspect of the College or compliment a particular member of staff or service area. Comments, concerns, complaints and compliments are all taken very seriously and appropriate action is taken where necessary.

Single Equality Scheme

Gateway College is committed to providing an environment which values all individuals equally. The College encourages full participation by all, focusing on maximum achievement for each individual. Everyone at Gateway College has the right to freedom from discrimination at all times, regardless of disability, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality.

Any form of verbal or physical behaviour which undermines an individual’s sense of worth or feeling of security will not be tolerated.


We make every effort to safeguard the well-being of students, staff and authorised visitors and their property while on the premises. A team of Campus Officers, CCTV surveillance and ID cards are just some of the ways in which the College implements its security policies. However, the College cannot accept responsibility for the damage to or theft of personal property, including cycles, brought onto the campus at any time.


The whole College campus is a legally defined no smoking area.

Other Information

In addition to the information given on this website and inside the College general prospectus you can ask for your own copy of:

  • A staff list
  • A list of members of the Governing Body
  • Full examination results
  • Details of day-time class courses
  • The College Charter
  • Disability Statement
  • Equal Opportunities Policy