Hot Off The Press: Word On The Street – Gateway College Magazine Spring 2020

Whilst creating this edition of the Gateway College magazine we have found ourselves having to work and live in very different ways.  With only half of the magazine completed and nothing yet designed, we were suddenly living in ‘lockdown’ and the College was closed for our safety on 20th March.  But we like nothing less than a challenge in the Word on the Street editorial team and quickly discovered new ways of communicating and adapting to ensure we could get this issue to you!

The magazine is created by students and staff at the College to highlight the incredible achievements, creativity and community we share and experience at Gateway and this edition is packed to the brim with inspirational stories, poetry and prose to help you through our current trials and lift your spirits.

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed and if you would like to be part of the next issue, as a writer, photographer, designer, or even the subject for a story, email