Jahzeb joins one of top four Accountancy firms in the world!

Jahzeb Ismail studied A Level Accounting, Economics and Maths while at Gateway College and set his mind on gaining one of the 240 coveted places out of 40,000 applicants on the Audit Apprenticeship Programme at KPMG, one of the top four Accountancy firms in the world!

Over the course of the five year apprenticeship, Jahzeb will achieve a Level 7 ACA qualification, which is equivalent to a Master’s degree as well as gaining invaluable on-the-job experience.

Jahzeb’s role at KPMG requires him to assess and review the financial accounts of multi-billion pound clients. He says that his apprenticeship requires dedication and hard work and is a mix of good academic and interpersonal skills. There are many perks, in addition to a salary and his employer paying for his tuition fees Jahzeb says,

“I travel and see the world with clients abroad and across the UK. I am gaining priceless experience and endless exposure in the financial sector…the skills I am learning at such a young age are amazing.”

Jahzeb thanks the committed staff at Gateway College for the support he received when completing his application form and preparing for the three month, five stage application process.  From subject teachers, personal tutors, administration staff and even the Vice Principal, he received guidance every step of the way to ensure his success.

“I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. Be proactive and don’t think you’re not clever enough to do it. If you have drive and passion anything is possible if you have the right mindset.”

Jahzeb aspires to successfully qualify in the accounting field and work towards financial freedom by creating multiple streams of income in the future. We wish Jahzeb best of luck!

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