Gateway College was opened in 1928 as a boys’ grammar/technical school and became a Sixth Form College in 1976 as part of the reorganisation of secondary education in the City of Leicester. Today the College is a mixed open access college hosting 1,200 full time students, mostly aged 16-19, and with an annual turnover of £6.5 million. 

The College moved from Leicester city centre to a new 12 acre purpose built site in Hamilton, situated 3 miles to the north east of the city, on the borders of Leicestershire in August 2009 and in April 2020 became one of three founding members of the Better Futures Multi-Academy Trust (BFMAT) in association with Coventry University. 

The College delivers a mix of outstanding A-levels, vocational qualifications from entry level to level 3 and GCSE’s maths and English and was awarded a ‘Good’ grade 2 by Ofsted in October 2019. The college has also been awarded the Gold Mental Health Award for Schools and is working towards the Artsmark standard. 

Leicester city contains two Sixth Form Colleges, a large GFE and a small number of specialist and school sixth form providers. The large majority of new entrants come to Gateway College from the 11-16 age band schools who serve the local area. Other students transfer from 11-18 age band schools, from schools and colleges situated in the county area and beyond, as well as from Independent Schools. Gateway is the only Sixth Form College serving the north of the city and county.

Board of Governors

Steve Holderness (Chair)

Harminder Bains (Vice-Chair)

Nelista Cuffy

Chris Gray

Nathan Smith

James Bagley (Gateway College Principal)

Patsy Hamer (Staff Representative)

Steven Lockwood (Staff Representative)

Current Governor Vacancy

A vacancy has arisen on the Local Governing Body (LGB) for a Parent Governor following the merger into the Better Futures Multi Academy Trust.  No special qualifications or experience are needed.

The LGB has important formal duties, but its overriding purpose is to make Gateway College a better place for learners within the resources available.  The critical requirements for governors are being passionate about education and determined to make a difference.  It will be helpful if you can bring some experience of committee work or administration, an independent mind and the ability to take part in constructive debate, and you are a regular email/computer user.  At the end of this message are:

  • A profile of the role of a College governor
  • A nomination form (If you do not know other College parents who would propose you, you may nominate yourself.)

If you are interested in exploring this further please complete the nomination form and return it in confidence by post to Michael Tolond, Clerk to the LGB, Gateway College, 17 Colin Grundy Drive, Leicester LE5 1GA (or email ). The next step would be an exploratory chat about what is involved and what you could contribute.

Better Futures Multi-Academy Trust

Governance arrangements for Gateway College after merger into Better Futures Multi Academy Trust


Gateway College Corporation was dissolved on 1st April 2020 and its operations were merged into Better Futures Multi Academy Trust (BFMAT).  Gateway converted into a 16-19 Academy and became part of BFMAT.

This paper sets out the Governance arrangements that are in place after merger with particular reference to the creation of a Local Governing Body.

  1. BFMAT (a company limited by guarantee) Governance Structure Overview

The Better Futures MAT governance is structured as follows:

Members of the Trust: do not have a legal responsibility for the Trust’s operation but oversee its operation and monitor its performance.

The Trust Board of Directors: has overarching responsibility for the operation and management of the Trust.

Local Governing Bodies and Committees: to assist the Trust’s operation, the Trust Board delegates powers and functions to the LGBs and other committees.  Such delegation is on a case by case basis, and powers and functions may be withdrawn or varied on notice by the Trust Board.

2. Establishment of committees

From April 2020, the following committees are in place:

Local Governing Bodies:

  • KEC Local Governing Body
  • Bilborough Local Governing Body
  • Gateway Local Governing Body

Audit and Risk Committee

Search and Governance Committee

Executive Performance and Remuneration Committee

Each LGB or committee constituted pursuant to the scheme of delegation or otherwise will operate in accordance with the powers delegated to it, and within the remit set, by the Trust Board from time to time.

3. Local Governing Bodies


The LGBs are set up to govern the Academies on behalf of the Trust Board and provide information to the Trust Board on the Academies’ performance.

The LGBs are expected to act to further the Trust’s primary object and in line with the Trust’s values and beliefs.

Terms of Reference

In line with the overall vision, strategy, ethos, and broad policy framework of the Trust, each LGB is expected to:

  • Liaise with the Trust Board and CEO in setting their strategic direction and 5-year strategic plan
  • Hold the Principal and Academy Senior Leadership Team to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its students
  • Hold the Principal and Academy Senior Leadership Team to account for the performance management of staff
  • Determine the annual spend requirements of their Academy and recommend the allocation of funding in respect of the Academy to the Trust Board
  • Monitor and report to the Trust Board on educational outcomes in the Academy
  • Appoint Academy staff in accordance with Trust policies
  • Monitor and report to the Trust Board on all aspects of safeguarding, SEN, equality and student welfare
  • Liaise with the Trust Board CEO on all aspects of policy setting as required
  • Arrange election of governors of the LGB in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Trust and the terms of reference

LGB Members / Cycle of Meetings

Each LGB will be operated in accordance with terms of reference set by the Trust Board and each LGB will include:

Governors Number Appointment Term
Chair/Vice-Chair 1 Appointed by BFMAT on recommendation of LGB.  To be from amongst the Community Governors. 3 years
Principal (of Academy) 1 Ex officio Ex officio
Community Governors 8+ Skills Analysis – appointed by LGB 3 years
Student Governors 2 Elected by LGB Yearly
Parent Governors 2 Elected by LGB Yearly
Staff Governors 2 1 Teaching & 1 Support Elected by LGB 3 years

Clerk to the Local Governing Body – Appointed by the LGB

Each LGB will meet on six occasions during the academic year – two in each of the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms.  The Trust Board may require the LGB to meet on an ad hoc basis if required.  The quorum for meetings will be 50% of membership.  Current Governors’ term of office will be deemed to have started from 1st April 2020.

Major items of business of the LGB

  • Confirmation of Chair and Vice-Chair
  • Confirmation of membership
  • Agreement of terms of reference and meeting dates
  • Appointment of Clerk to the LGB
  • Academy Strategic Plan for recommendation to the Trust
  • Academy Operational Plan for recommendation to the Trust
  • Schedule of Local Policies
  • Quality Improvement Plans
  • Estates Review/Proposals
  • HR proposals for staffing requirements
  • Academy budget proposals *
  • Capital programme proposals *
  • Income generation proposals *
  • Monitoring Academy expenditure
  • Monitoring the PREVENT agenda
  • Monitoring safeguarding procedures

* The LGB will submit an Annual Budget, capital programme proposals and income generation proposals to the Trust Board for the next financial year during the Summer term.

Updated October 2020

Local Governing Body Meeting Minutes

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December 2020
September 2020
June 2020