T Level Foundation: Management and Administration

T Level / Level 2

 You will study using a range of team tasks, project work, problem solving and an industry placement to prepare you for next steps in industry.

Course Duration

1 Year


Entry Requirements

4 GCSEs at Grade 9-4 including either GCSE Mathematics or English Language at Grade 4. Minimum grade 3 in the other GCSE or core subjects.  



Assessment is by a range of methods including exams, project work and a portfolio of coursework evidence which covers theoretical content, applied to real life public and private sector organisations. This portfolio will cover key business theories from across each of the four functional areas of business: Management, Human Resources, Finance and Operations. Knowledge will regularly be assessed via assessment questions, focussing on analysis and evaluation, to prepare students for the Level 3 T-Level which has an examination element. Progress is assessed using Bronze, Silver and Gold grading for academic performance and professional behaviours. To progress to the Level 3 T-Level, you must achieve a minimum of 60% at Silver and a grade 4 in English and Maths by the end of the course.



This exciting new programme of study is designed to readily prepare students for the T-Level pathway in the following academic year.  It will boost the number of GCSE pass grades that students have acquired, enabling them the best progression opportunities after they have completed the full T-Level programme, (this is made up of the T-Level Foundation Programme and the Level 3 T- Level Programme). You will study using a range of team tasks, project work, problem solving and an industry placement to prepare you for next steps in industry.


Units from this T-Level Foundation Programme will well prepare students to select one of our Level 3 T-Level courses, i.e., T-Level Management in the academic year 24-25, and enable them to develop the skills and maturity to complete the Industry Placement successfully. Work Experience is provided during this course, to further supplement the practical and interpersonal skills that will have been developed during students Secondary School Work Experience placements. This is a key focus in the T-Level Foundation Programme, as the Level 3 T-Level course requires students to complete a 315-hour Industry Placement, focussing on Project Management and Business Improvement. 


Career Progression

Our T-Level Foundation Programme (Level 2) has been selected to best prepare students for success at Level 3 T-Level, but also for the future, whether they progress into the world of industry, an apprenticeship, or studying business and management at university, where students may focus on any of the core functional areas of business, or more emerging and diverse pathways such as Entrepreneurship, Business Law or Global Business.