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Gateway College

Examinations Policy

Achieving success in public examinations is the key aim of the majority of Gateway students. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the planning and administration of examinations is such that every student is offered the maximum opportunity to achieve success.

Currently the examination team comprises:

Head of Centre (HOC): James Bagley

Examination Officer (EO): Amanda Rennocks

Assistant Exams Officer (JEO): Jaz Heer          

It is important for all staff to be aware of the importance of the examination process and the role that they will play within this process. The HOC takes ultimate responsibility for examinations but we must all strive to ensure that situations do not arise that will jeopardise a student’s examination performance in any way.

The EO will provide a briefing sheet at the beginning of each academic year to all students covering the points in this policy document which involve student action. This policy will be published in the staff handbook and updated annually.

This policy document is in three parts: 

  • Entry for examinations
  • Administration of internal and public examinations
  • Post examination follow up

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